About JSPuzzles

We just love bringing Jigsaw Puzzles together and we think it's still fun for all ages, even in this modern technology era.

In 2007 we started JSPuzzles as an online puzzles platform, developing it at home for fun and leisure.

The site grew out of the owners love of jigsaw puzzles and every since we're adding new puzzles every day and working to improve the gameplay experience making it a fairly realistic.

Now, 17 years later, we are proud to provide you with a complete free jigsaw puzzles platform online.

Play and Create Puzzles Online

One of JSPuzzles special features is that any user can create and generate puzzles from their photos.
Register and upload your photos, our system will create a jigsaw puzzle that you can play and share with your family and friends.

Our puzzles work on any device - desktop, mobile, or tablet.

JSPuzzles features:

  • Completely free online jigsaw puzzles platorm.
  • More than 2,000 different categories.
  • 3 different cuts for every photos.
  • Control the complexity and difficulty of each puzzle, ranging from 9 to 225 pieces.
  • Save a puzzle while play, than come back and finish it later.
  • Competative mode - high-scores for each puzzle
  • Available in 12 languages, translated by hand.
  • Curating of every photo, making it safe for kids with no adult content.
  • A search button at the top of the page allows players to search for puzzle topics within all of the categories.

How jigsaw puzzles are made