How To?

How to rotate the puzzle pieces?
The puzzle pieces are already correctly aligned and cannot be rotated.

The puzzle pieces go behind other pieces while I'm working on them, can I change it?
Yes, click on "Options", then change the first option to your liking.
You can choose that larger puzzle pieces will go behind all other pieces or make them go on top of them.

How to change my password?
From the homepage, choose "Preferences and settings", write your new password in "New password" and "Confirm New Password" fields and press "Save changes".

The puzzle is too big for my computer monitor, how can I get more space?
There are two ways to get more space for the puzzle:
1. Before starting the puzzle, choose "Small Pieces" on the options page (the buttons on the bottom).
2. In most web browsers - press F11 to hide the browser toolbars and allow more space for the puzzle. Press F11 again to restore the toolbars.

How to save my game?
Note that if you save and load your game, you cannot achieve a hi-score.
1. Sign in to your user
2. From the puzzle page, click on the "Save Game" button.
3. Fill in a save game description (or you can leave it blank).

How to load a saved game?
There are two ways to do that -
1. Sign in to your user, from JSPuzzles homepage, click "Load Saved Puzzles" and choose a puzzle to load.
2. Sign in to your user, From the bottom of the puzzle page, click "Load Game", wait for a window to open and click "Play".

How to add a puzzle to my favorite puzzles page?
1. Sign in to your user
2. From the puzzle game, click on "Options".
3. Choose the third option - "Add this puzzle to my favorite puzzles".
You can view your favorite puzzles from the homepage option "My favorites".

How to add a user to my favorite puzzles page?
1. Sign in to your user
2. From the gallery, while viewing an album, click on the album owner's name.
3. Click on the link "Add user to my favorites" next to the owner's name.

More information can be found on the Common Gameplay Issues page.
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